About Inquilab – Ek Sawaal Muqabala:
The Inquilab (Inquilab) is coming up with “Inquilab – Ek Sawaal Muqabala” wherein 4 mega contests will be run back to back having 2 Unique themes, Daily multiple choice questions, 7 days of interaction per contest, Mega Prizes for all 4 contest winners and 28 days of complete engagement. The participants can participate and winners can win big. Thus, Inquilab invites it’s readers to participate in the “Inquilab – Ek Sawaal Muqabala” (4 mega contests will be run and each contest will be referred to as the Muqabala). You must read the following rules, terms and conditions before participating. By participating, each participant agrees that he/she has read and understood these Terms and by their participation in the Muqabala, each participant agrees to be bound by the Terms.
Schedule for Muqabala* :
Date Particulars
01stAugust, 2018 Ek Sawaal Muqabala starts
Date to be declared Prize distribution ceremony
How to participate :
To participate in the Muqabala, the participants will have to:
- Follow Inquilab daily during the Muqabala wherein Inquilab will carry ads announcing each Muqabala along with instructions and questions for participation. Total 4 Muqabala will be run and each Muqabala will go on for 7 days. There will be a time gap of 3 days from the end of one Muqabala and start of the another
- Inquilab will carry daily Muqabala questions along with multiple choice answers. Every reader who wants to participate in the Muqabala, will have to follow the questions and circle the correct answer and keep the cutting of the Muqabala section (paper cutting). Only original paper cutting is valid and no photocopy will be allowed
- The participants claiming to be the winner of the Muqabala, will have to answer the questions in order to win the Muqabala and also preserve the paper cutting of all the questions of the said Muqabala. Answering the question correctly is vital for winning the Muqabala
- At the end of each Muqabala, the participant(s) will have to send their paper cuttings with the answers circled/marked, to the Inquilab office within 5 days from the date of conclusion of the said Muqabala. The participant will have to physically submit the original paper cuttings for which winner claim has been made, along with copy of his/her valid ID proof (original required for verification) and original paper cuttings of all questions that appeared in the said Muqabala. Entries that have all the 7 questions answered correctly with the paper cuttings attached will be shortlisted
Selection of Winner :
Out of all the entries shortlisted out of 4 contests, winner will be selected through lucky draw from all the claimants, for each contest. Such winner shall be eligible for prize in the Prize distribution ceremony to be held at a later date in mid-day office. The Winners will be announced in print in the Inquilab the next day
Eligibility :
Readers from Mumbai are eligible to participate
Terms and conditions :
- By participating in the Muqabala, the Participants agree to be bound by any rules; regulations, guidelines or policies ("Rules") associated with the Muqabala, including without limitation these terms and conditions, and agree to be bound by any decisions made by The Inquilab, including any interpretations of such Rules by The Inquilab
- The Participants shall have no right to question the nature of the Muqabala, form, type or number or about the Winner/Prize being given by The Inquilab. The decision of The Inquilab management will at all times be final and binding
- The Muqabala shall run strictly in accordance with the stipulated timeframe and rules as set by The Inquilab.
- Any claims after the deadline shall not be entertained and summarily rejected, as such, the entries must reach us on or before the deadline. The entry should be submitted only through the mode mentioned above. No other mode shall be accepted.
- Late entry shall be considered illegible and will not be accepted
- The Inquilab reserves the right to decide the winner’s or disqualify any participant if they determine that the entry submitted do not meet the requirements, terms of the Muqabala. The decision of the Inquilab will at all times be final. No further correspondence pertaining to the selection process and decision will be entertained. Mere participation in the Muqabala does not entitle any participant to win any prize
- The result of the Muqabala i.e. the Winner will be announced in print as and when we get a winner and only the winner can attend the Prize distribution ceremony that will take place in The Inquilab office in Bandra (East). For other reader’s, the winner’s will be notified in the print coverage of the Prize distribution ceremony
- The Inquilab reserves the right to extend the dates/change the schedule of the Muqabala or modify/alter/postpone/stop/cancel the Muqabala or change all or any part of the rules, policy of the Muqabala, at its sole discretion, without giving prior intimation of any kind and without being liable for any consequential losses/damages.
- Taxes, if any, will be borne by the winner(s)
- The participant will not hold the Company or any of its holding/subsidiary or its Directors/KMP’s/officers liable for any loss/claims/damages he/she suffers by participating in this Award
- Indian law applies and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Mumbai shall prevail
*The Inquilab is a part of and means the Company Midday Infomedia Limited
* The employees of Midday Infomedia Limited and/or its holding/subsidiary cannot participate in the Muqabala